“A touch of class and a bunch of crazy? You bettcha – and I loved it.”

– IndyRed



“Intoxicating tension and spellbinding intimacy…”

– UK Film Review


The Great Charade is our award-winning debut feature film; a psychological thriller in which the world’s two most famous actors are kidnapped. Far from the lights of Hollywood, they awake bound and bruised. With no inkling of where they are, they are at the mercy of those who adore them the most… their fans.

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“Tight direction, inventive camerawork, clever pacing and solid performers – and of course the very smart script doesn’t hurt one bit, either.”

– Search My Trash

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Awards & Accolades

The New York Film Awards
Best Narrative Feature
* * *
FilmCon Awards
Best Narrative Feature
Best Director
Best Thriller
Best Supporting Actress
Nominated: Best of The Fest
 * * *
Festigeous Film Awards
Best Indie Feature
Best Supporting Actress
 * * *
Los Angeles Film Awards
Honourable Mention: Best Indie Feature
Oniros Film Awards (Monthly Edition)
Best Actor
Best Acting Debut
Honourable Mention: Best Actress
Finalist: Best Film
Finalist: Best Supporting Actress 
* * *
The Actors Awards, Los Angeles
Best Actress in an Indie Film
Best Monologue
Nominated: Best of The Festival (Francesca Louise White)
Nominated: Best Actor
Nominated: Best Supporting Actor
Nominated: Best Supporting Actress
* * *
I Am Film Festival
Best Actor
Finalist: Best Feature Film
Honourable Mention: Best Actress
The Monthly Film Festival
The Audience Award
 * * *
Cult Critic Movie Awards
Outstanding Achievement Award
* * *
 Gold Movie Awards
Monthly Selection
* * *
Lift-Off Online Film Festival, London
* * *
White Deer International Film Awards
Best Film
* * *
Starburst International Film Festival
Official Selection


Read all about The Great Charade and how it came to be, in the latest issue of Starburst Magazine! Including images from behind the scenes, plus a four-page interview with the directors.

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White Deer Filmmaking Podcast

After winning Best Film at the White Deer International Film Festival, we were very kindly invited to discuss The Great Charade with Mark and Alistair on the White Deer Filmmaking Podcast.

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Reviews, News & Interviews

The King of Hollywood

Ricardo Freitas talks about his role as Ryan Sterling, the king of Hollywood.

Oxford Movie Thriller Wins Accolades

The Oxford Mail’s take on The Great Charade

Award-Winning Acting Debut

Marcus Davis-Orrom talks to Search My Trash

Exclusive Photos

Blazing Minds interviews the directors of The Great Charade

Ricardo on The Great Charade

I came into acting later in life in my mid-twenties, but film has always been my passion. With acting, although I also perform on stage and I do love it, there is something about capturing a truly honest moment on screen that inspires me.

Francesca: Playing the Queen of Hollywood

She appears: successful, caring, always put-together and pretty much perfect with this wonderful relationship with her heart-throb husband Ryan Sterling (Ricardo Freitas). But, when the cameras are off, she’s vain, self-absorbed, ambitious to the point of standing on others to both get to and remain at the ‘top’, and in a toxic relationship with her husband whom she deeply resents.

Directing The Great Charade

Rodeo & Daniel Strange discuss their approach to directing.

168 Hours of Creative Delirium

The directors talk about shooting The Great Charade

How The Hell...?!

Candice Palladino talks about her approach to playing Dixie in The Great Charade

Playing Amara

Early mornings, late nights & some pretty tough emotional scenes…

Marcus: From Stage to Screen

My foray into film has come relatively recently. Up until 2017, I have almost exclusively been a theatre actor. The Great Charade is, in fact, my first ever feature film role, so I really have Rodeo and Dan Strange to thank for my introduction to the world of film (As well as Francesca Louise White, who put me in touch with Rodeo and Dan in the first place).

Candice Talks Women in Horror

Every human no matter their colour, upbringing, etc. has a voice and story to tell. The more healthy and strong images we have of women in the world of art and entertainment…? The more ‘normal’ it becomes…? It will send a ripple throughout society. I’m so excited and grateful to ride that wave.

The Cast

Marcus Davis-Orrom – Lyle Cole

Marcus is an eager and flexible performer with vocal training and experience in a range of different acting styles both on stage and screen. With a vast wealth of experience in classic roles, Marcus brings both gravitas and honesty to his performances.

He is also a founding member and Producer for Don’t Hate The Players Theatre Company.

Ricardo Freitas – Ryan Sterling

Ricardo is a very driven and determined actor. He sees acting as a way of “telling a lie in order to tell the truth”. He is committed to bring truth and realism to his work. His goal is simply to make the audience feel and believe; if he can have one person in the audience feel or relate to what he’s going through in his character then he feels he has accomplished his goal.

Ricardo is honoured to have won the Acting Award of Excellence at The Southern Shorts Awards for the film ‘Exodus’.

Francesca Louise White – Amara Giovanni

Francesca has a steadily growing resume of credits in features and short films, theatre, commercials, corporates, and music videos as well as print work.

She undertook extracurricular exams with LAMDA and Trinity and attended a great many of RADA workshops. Educated to a Bachelor Degree level in Drama at Exeter University, she then travelled across the pond to various acting schools including The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and The Groundlings in Los Angeles. She is also professionally quallified to fight on stage and screen by the BADC.

Winner of Best Actress in a Leading Role for ‘Between the Divide’ at the Moscow Indie Film Festival 2018.

Candice Palladino – Dixie Lee

Candice is quirky, smart and not afraid to take chances. Energetic to the core, this native New Yorker is living and performing in London and wherever the wind may take her. An actress. A singer. A VO artist. A storyteller. All wrapped up in a big bundle of joy.

Winner of Best Actress and nominated for Best Performance in Fest at The Actors Awards Film Festival for her role as Ashley in ‘The Getaway’.

Nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role at The Planet Connections Theatre Festival in New York City.

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