How to increase a website’s conversion rate

Top Ten Tips to help you increase the conversion rate of your website.


There are multiple ways to increase your Conversion rate from your website. This is just a quick list of ten that work for the majority of businesses.

     1. Banner Videos

Banner videos are a great way of making first contact with a potential client. They are often found at the top of a landing page. A good banner video should imediatley grab the interest of your visitor and explain to them straight away what you do, how you can benefit them and what problems you can fix.

     2. As little text as possible

Nobody wants to hit a website and immediately be greeted with endless pages of text, it’s not engaging and you would be very lucky if anyone actually read through the whole lot. Replace text items on a website with visual mediums instead. Make sure any text you use serves a purpose. It should be giving the information that viewer is looking for and in the most concise way possible.

     3. Prominent ‘Call to Action’

Make it really easy for people to take action after visiting your website, and make it obvious that you want them to take action. The easier you make it for someone the more likely they are to get in touch with you.

     4. Appeal to a specific target market

If you’re marketing to everyone, you are marketing to no one. It’s an old saying but it’s still extremely important in modern marketing. No two groups of people will have the same problems or desires.

     5. Speak your clients language

Find out how your clients want to be talked to (e.g. formal or informal?) – look at the words they use, the way they talk, the way they want to be spoken to. Try to communicate on a human level because ultimately that’s who your customers are.

     6. Be visual

The most interactive form of digital media is video. This medium has the highest engagement rate and the highest influence rate. If you want to engage with your target audience it makes total sense to use the most engaging medium.

     7. Answer the questions your audience are asking

Everyone wants to work with an expert that knows exactly what they’re talking about. Position yourself as that expert, naturally then people will come to you because you will be seen as that expert that has the answers to their problems.

     8. High quality video and images

The first thing people see when viewing an image or video is not the content; it’s the quality. This is a direct reflection on your business. If the video or image is immediately seen as being bad quality or presented poorly this quality will be automatically tied to your business or to you.

     9. Make it easy!

Everything on your website should be easily accessible and easily digestible. What ever question your audience want answered or what ever information your audience want, make it easy for the customer to find it.

     10. Make it a Journey

Consider what journey you want your clients to take and make it as painless as possible. Have buttons or messages in videos/pictures telling the visitor exactly where to click to progress to the next step. Along that journey make sure they are getting more and more information about you and the business.



These ten steps, or a combination of these ten steps, will certainly apply to most businesses out there. However, when putting these practises into action make sure you don’t detract from the values your business holds and make sure your brand and company personality is still strong throughout.