Talking Head Videos

Talking Heads

This is a very simple format that consists of a spokesperson for the business talking directly to the camera, often summarising what their business does or what they can offer.

Talking heads are often very general, speaking about what your business does, how it does it and why. However, this format is not often used to market individual products or services simply because this style of video can get boring quite quickly. There are always exceptions, and talking heads do suit some businesses more than other video styles, particularly if the business in question revolves around a particular individual. It is also possible to take a different approach to talking heads, giving them a more unique and engaging edge.

For example, in the image below, we have taken a more sci-fi approach, using glitching effects throughout, and some basic graphics animated in a futuristic way to illustrate our points. In this example we also chose to track in slowly throughout the video, using only one shot to give the video a sense of importance and mystery.


Talking heads are a way for the audience to immediately associate with a person from the business, whether this is the owner or simply a spokesperson; it gives the business a face. It’s very quick and easy, and therefore often more affordable. Just like any other video, if used on your website it can improve your SEO.

If business owners are not comfortable in front of the camera they can come across very differently to how they do in person which can lead to misinterpretation of the business. However, if you choose to use an actor or spokesperson instead it can seem impersonal as they may not be a part of the business, or may not be encountered by clients using your product or service. It is very difficult to communicate anything on a more subconscious level through this medium, so usually everything has to be put into words. If your company is particularly creative or unique, talking heads can make your business seem far less engaging. There is also something of a stigma attached to talking heads in that they can seem overly corporate. If this is not an accurate representation of your business, it can lead to you missing your ideal clients and instead gaining a lot of unfruitful enquiries.

Talking heads can be quick and easy to produce so are commonly used by businesses with a tight budget. It is worth keeping in mind that often this is noticeable by potential clients and can affect perception of your business. However, when used in a crowdfunding context it can be the most effective form of communication. This is because when people are considering donating money, they do not want to give their money to a faceless organisation. They would rather see an individual and get a sense of their personality so that they can be sure their money is going to a valid place. This can be problematic if business owners do not feel comfortable in front of the camera, however if directed properly, it can be very effective.

These videos are also commonly used by businesses that revolve around client interface. For example, a business support group that’s main selling point is a personal touch may benefit extensively from this type of video. It is important to note that if a talking head is the right approach for your business, it will be far more engaging and digestible if cutaways are used. These will lend more interest to the video as well as make it appear more dynamic and give context to some of the things that are being mentioned in the video.