Advertising Campaign

How does it work?


This is a series of videos all lending to marketing your business.

Advertising campaigns are often very targeted and focussed on different platforms, and often lead to one point of sale.

An advertising campaign usually works best if it only focuses on one aspect of your business. This means that it is much more targeted and has a more defined message, and is therefore easier to connect with and understand.

It can grab an individual’s attention over a number of encounters. This helps to keep your business fresh in your audience’s mind over a longer period of time, without you having to talk to them in person.

It can gather more interest as it progresses as you will have more opportunities to spark different people’s interest. Thus it will gain more followers during the course of the campaign, leading them all towards one eventuality; a higher concentration of people interested in specific things about your business.

When using online platforms an advertising campaign can be highly targeted, it can also act as an opportunity to reach audiences from different social media platforms that may not be as prevalent in your day to day marketing.

An advertising campaign can be very useful for launching a new service or product, or reinforcing an existing one; it can help to gain interest in a specific part of your business. It can even have a snowball effect if your audience is generating interest on your behalf by liking, sharing, and talking about your business online. It requires relatively little effort on the seller’s part.

You can test and measure the campaign’s effects over time, more so than with other forms of marketing video, and you can therefore adjust your future marketing to suit the results.

It is commonly used to create a kind of funnel system, drawing its audience to a specific place, where the sale is more easily made.

It also can be used to form a chain of contact-points, often via different social media platforms; ensuring that the audience is thinking about your business often.

It can be used to generate a considerable amount of interest and give information about your business, while still leaving your prospective clients wanting more.

This will help to drive them towards making enquiries and getting in touch with you.


Our View

  • It is said that it takes 7 “touches” before a potential customer is ready to buy from you; this adheres to that model online.
  • It’s a great way to increase your lead generation.
  • By using a campaign rather than one individual video you are able to take your potential customers on a journey and ensure your business is fresh in their mind for longer.
  • With the right strategy in place an advertising campaign can be very powerful and engaging.