Video on Facebook

An Introduction
Over the past few years we have seen a massive increase of the use of video on online platforms.

This surge’s contributing factors are: faster broadband download speeds, increasingly easy access to media, the demand for instant entertainment and information and the fact that people are too busy to read through endless amounts of text.

Social media is a prime example of this transition.

Recently Facebook has added a new feature to it’s pages where by you can have a “cover video” at the top of the page instead of a “cover photo”. This feature is currently only available on pages and not personal profiles. Additionally, as it is so new, the vast majority of pages have not yet made use of this feature.

Here’s an example of one:

At an early glance what do we think this means?

We think that the correct use of this will have more or less the same effect as a banner video on your website (Click here to see the blog about banner videos), our prediction is that you should see higher level of engagement and interaction with your posts, once individuals reach your page. Having a cover video will not necessarily make individuals any more likely to find your page, unless Facebook was to start giving preference to those using the cover video feature. However, if you include calls to action in your posts and really optimise them to get more people to visit your Facebook page; we would predict your audience spending longer sessions on your page.

We have seen that video content on social media has many positive outcomes. First of all it’s easy to spot when scrolling through the newsfeed. Additionally video content appears in feeds more than any other form of media because Facebook gives preference to video content.


What are they used for?

Making good use of Facebook cover videos, you will be able to communicate a variety of things to your customers; your company’s personality, what you do, who your target market is – all within the first glance of your facebook page.

By using a cover video now, before they become the norm, you will stand out from the crowd and really grab your potential clients’ interest.

In order to really optimise this new feature; after watching the cover video and being enticed into scrolling down to see more, page visitors could come across further video content that is tailored to sending them to your website. If social media is a leasehold whereby you are able to sell to your audience within the outlined parameters, your website is a freehold, where essentially, you make the rules. Thus we would recommend tailoring all of your content on social media, to lead your audience to your website.


Our View

  • Great way to communicate with clients/customers
  • Great way to appear in other people’s feeds a lot more
  • Great way to communicate what you do and how it could benefit clients in a short span of time with very little effort on your audience’s part.
  • A lot of the time people won’t have sound on when scrolling through their facebook feed, so it’s important to keep this in mind when planning social media video content.