Info Graphics

What is it?
Infographics are short animated videos used to convey information in a quick and engaging way.

Sometimes they are used to explain processes/workings of a business, however, they are increasingly being used to convey very short pieces of information via social media. Thus often they are produced with no sound.


What are they used for?

Infographic videos are a great way of explaining complex processes, or information about a complicated product or service. For example, an accountant could use infographic video to explain a service they offer in a very simple, easily understandable way.

They can also be used to convey information such as statistics, facts and figures which can be used for marketing purposes to reinforce what your company offers, or the problems it solves. For example, we have produced a series of infographic videos for social media; each video is 7 seconds long and conveys one statistic about video marketing.

One downside to using infographic videos is that unless the animation style or the design of the graphics particularly ties in with your brand and your business’ personality, sometimes they can feel impersonal. If this is the case they may do a great job of explaining something, but they may fall down when it comes to engaging a particular audience and making your business relatable to them.

It is therefore very important to consider the personality and the voice your business normally adopts, and make this clear to the company producing your infographic videos.




Our View

In our opinion infographic videos are a good way of sharing statistics and numbers that compliment your business.

If done right, they can also be useful for explaining your complex procedures in a more user-friendly way.

It is very important to design these videos around your brand as well as your business’ personality to ensure that your viewers will recognise your company in it.

They are easily digestible, lending themselves to being effective to share and access on social media.

They are often cheaper than other video styles, but may not be quite as effective lone-standing.

If used in conjunction with other video marketing, they can be a powerful tool to prompt your audience into action. (Remember, it is said that it takes seven touches before a potential client will act!)