Using Banner Videos on a Website

Using Banner Videos on a Website


What are they?

Firstly, this is not the same thing as a banner ad. Banner ads are used to advertise your business via other websites, similar to PPC ads that you will find on websites such as Facebook.

The idea behind this type of video is to feature it at the top of your website’s landing page, to be the first thing that visitors to your website will see.

Banner videos can demonstrate what your company does and how it works, communicate the personality of your business and act as an incredibly engaging introduction to a website.

They tend to be quite cost effective productions, they usually don’t feature sound, and they should play automatically as soon as the web page loads, immediately capturing the attention of website visitors. This is the reason for the lack of sound – we all hate websites that play sound automatically!

There are two popular ways of hosting these videos, the first being a Vimeo Pro account. With this account you can eliminate the play buttons, the video timeline and any recommended videos that appear after. You can do this simply by customising the video’s skin. (The “skin” essentially describes the display associated with the video. E.G. play buttons etc.) However, to do this you do have to pay a yearly subscription for a Vimeo pro account.

The second method, which is generally preferred, is hosting the video on your own servers. However this can slow the website down if your website is not properly equipped to support video hosting. It is therefore very important to speak with your web developer first. 



What are they used for?

A banner video’s ultimate goal is to increase conversions and increase the session time spent on your website.

This is most effective if the website receives a fair amount of traffic already, however banner videos can also help to boost web traffic.

According to Visually, “Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.”

This type of video is designed to be the first point of contact for a visitor to your website.

It should be instantly engaging as it plays automatically and is therefore a great way to communicate your business’ personality to your audience.

By using banner videos, website visitors can subliminally get to know you before even exploring the rest of your website.

Furthermore, this type of video is designed to spark your audience’s interest and lead them to want to find out more.

Within one of these videos, even without the sound you can still put across so much information to the viewer, such as:

  • Your personality
  • Your business’s personality
  • What you offer
  • What problems you can solve
  • How you work
  • The type of clients you like to work with

Additionally, the more time visitors spend on your website, the better your SEO will be.

So not only are banner videos proven to increase conversion rate, but they will also drive your web ranking up.


Results from introduction of a banner video

If we were to take a website which had a standard text and photo landing page, and create a banner video to feature on the website as well, we would expect to see the following results:

  • Longer session time on the website
  • Increased conversion rate from the website
  • More clicks on your website
  • Attracting the right clients


Our View

In our opinion, banner videos can work incredibly well for certain businesses. As with all types of video, it will not work for every business, however, in it’s place it has the potential to be incredibly powerful.

If you’re looking to increase the time people spend on your website, increase your website’s conversion rate or increase the amount of pages people look at on your website, a banner video could be the right way to go.