Aliens & Witches


Happy new year! Welcome to 2017. As a company, we’ve made a few new years resolutions, the first of which is to communicate with all of you more, so as a result, this is the 2nd of our monthly blogs that is being sent out by email to our mailing list! So well done you if you’ve already signed up and are reading this by email. If however, you are reading this from our website, don’t be shy! Sign up! We promise not to spam you!

Another of our new years resolutions is to do more creative stuff. Because, A. It’s fun, and B. by doing more creative projects we not only keep up to date on the best equipment to use for certain things, but we are also able to constantly try out new techniques and keep our creative juices flowing.

SO! Over Christmas we released a kind of advent calendar in the form of a radio drama. This radio drama took place 50 years in the future on a cruise vessel out in space. A new black-box transmission was released every day up until Christmas Eve, telling the story of one man’s struggle to stay alive. This project is still available to listen and download via soundcloud, below. We hope you like aliens!

Download Here!


Another project we’ve been working on for quite some time is Bloodchild. This is a short horror film about a witch’s curse haunting her bloodline when a young descendent returns to the site of the witch’s death.

A little bit about the story…

In ancient times, the lord of a huge manor had an illegitimate child with one of his maids and so when the child was born, he chained her and the baby in the wine cellar, not knowing that she was a witch. When the servants started to talk, and all the wine went sour, the lord took the maid down to the pond and drowned her, leaving the baby in the forest, not being able to bring himself to kill it. The baby survived.

Decades later – when the film is set – a young woman (the witch’s unknowing descendant) returns to the ruin with a close childhood friend. Her grandmother used to tell them tales of the old ruin, and believed strongly in witches, however the young woman’s friend is very sceptical of this kind of thing. Not thinking anything of it, they go to the ruin at night and hold something of a seance; in an bid to determine whose beliefs hold the truth. When they open their eyes they are in a twisted different world where the air is cold and old relics of the past come back to haunt them.

We were finally able to shoot Bloodchild early this month at the amazing Sulgrave Manor. (LINK TO SULGRAVE WEBSITE)

Sulgrave Manor is a beautiful tudor manor house jointly owned by the USA and the UK. Not only did George Washington often visit the manor as a child, but he also planted a tree there that goes by the name of King Lodd. This tree is the oldest loddington apple tree in the country and we had the honour of featuring it in our film.

Now as you can imagine, there is some pretty disturbing imagery in this film, ranging from a hanging, to a crucifixion atop a pentacle that mysteriously appears etched into the stone floor. Sulgrave Manor were accommodating enough to let us shoot our hanging scene with King Lodd as our makeshift gallows.

The shoot went incredibly well; the crew worked together like clockwork and we were able to wrap ahead of schedule each day. We also had the pleasure of working with two incredibly talented actors who we have worked with before on a few occasions; Matthew Coulton and Candice Palladino.

We have since been working on the edit, getting our VFX expert, Luke Coulter to work his magic, and we are now moving onto post production audio. This starts with dialogue editing (the boring bit), but then progresses through the effects and sound design through to the score.

You’ll be able to find out much more about this project in our behind the scenes video which we will be showing at the film’s premiere! The date has not been confirmed as of yet, but we can promise a very fun evening complete with canapés and a cinematic experience to die for MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!


We’ve also recently released 2 short films that we created last year. The White Room, and The Retribute. Both of which are psychological thrillers with some spine-chilling imagery and bone-rattling sound design. Check them out on youtube or through our website!


Finally, we’d like to invite you to check out our latest Rodeax marketing film. 

Imagine a video. Imagine a film. You can see the difference.

In this video, we compare a standard corporate video with the kind of marketing film that we produce.

In the first example, we use standard soft-box lighting, audio running through the camera’s pre-amps and a mid-range DSLR. This configuration is often used by videographers and corporate video production companies.

By using film industry-standard lighting from Arri and Dedo, the latest G-series camera from panasonic, and world class audio equipment from Sennheiser, with a separate audio recorder, (Zoom F8), avoiding the camera’s pre-amps; we are able to produce a far more cinematic end