Rodeo & Daniel Strange

Rodeax represents all of our creative work as a partnership. Our collaboration first began in 2015 and since then we have prolifically strived to tell extraordinary, compelling stories through the medium of film, as well as via the written word. 

Over the past five years we have developed a number of projects, most notably our debut feature film, The Great Charade. After winning over twenty-five awards at film festivals and receiving generous reviews from critics, we are now looking to take the project further. Initially, the film was self-funded on a shoe-string budget, however, we feel that with the right resources and collaborators, this film could be so much more. It is our goal to pitch it to larger production companies with the view of making a film that does the concept justice.

Over the past year we have also written three novels and are developing new ideas, quicker than we can write them down. Thus, we are seeking representation from a literary agent to work alongside us to publish our work.

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The Great Charade is our award-winning debut feature film; a psychological thriller in which the world’s two most famous actors are kidnapped. Far from the lights of Hollywood, they awake bound and bruised. With no inkling of where they are, they are at the mercy of those who adore them the most… their fans.



– UK Film Review



“A touch of class and a bunch of crazy? You bettcha – and I loved it.”

– IndyRed

Tales From Wytch Haven

Welcome to Wytch Haven, a sleepy little town where magyc is the norm and conspiracy is commonplace. 

Since producing this podcast we have taken the concept further and sculpted it into a novel. We see this as the first volume in a series of books set in the town of Wytch Haven and have already developed a range of other storylines to explore in future writing. 

We are currently seeking representation from a literary agent who feels that they could work with us to get Wytch Haven published. If you think you could help, we would love to hear from you.


Welcome to Tales from the Fireside, a collection of grim tales to light your way through the dim recesses of winter.

Monsters come in many guises, from the beast beneath the bed to the stranger that follows you through the dark of night. We all respond differently when faced with terror. We fight, we flight, we beg and we bargain. Many of these stories have roots within folklore or legend and we suspect that even today, in a world wrought with technology set to attenuate our once sharpened minds; we are still plagued by the same demons that marauded through our nightmares centuries ago.

So stoke the fire, dim the lights, and let your imagination steal away into the shadows…

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