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Until then here’s a little bit about what we do and who we are…

The no bullshit approach

For the past three years Rodeax has specialised in producing video content for businesses. We’re aware that most video content for businesses is really, really boring. Every time we’re asked to do something boring a little piece of our souls die. So don’t ask.

What we do is way cooler. We produce interesting stuff that is cinematic and creative and doesn’t involve talking heads if we can help it. Because generally speaking, talking heads are bollocks.

We are storytellers by nature. Which means that when we’re not ‘businessing’ we’re writing stories and telling them in various different media. Scroll down and have a look-see if you haven’t left yet.

But most importantly (to us, anyway), is the fact that right now we’re producing our very first feature-length film. Again, look down.

Anyway, to recap; we love creativity. No boring shit, or we’ll lose interest very quickly. (You don’t even have to be creative – we do that part for you.)

If you’re not insulted by our lack of buzz-words, get in touch. 🙂

Ooh look a video!

You should watch it.

Just a little bit about the directors

Rodeo and Dan might take days off every now and then to go shopping, bake cakes or do some arts and crafts. In fact, they might not want to do very much work at all. This hasn’t stopped them from producing multiple internationally award winning short films, working with the likes of Whispering Bob Harris, Robert Plant and that guy from Whitesnake, or having their work featured on BBC and SKY.

Yes, they might be a bit (a lot) sweary, and sometimes if you phone them they might actually still be wearing pyjamas while talking to you, but they’re infinitely passionate about the things they create. They’ve never missed a deadline, they will always strive to make their work amazing, and really… they’re quite nice when you get to know them.

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Rodeax Showreel 2018

The Great Charade

Our debut feature film!

This is why we started Rodeax in the first place, to produce films and hear’s our first one.

LA can be a place of dreams and nightmares. It can push individuals to their limit and not even bat an eyelash. Sometimes these individuals get pushed too far. Sometimes these individuals bite back.

Everyone knows Ryan Sterling and Amara Giovanni. The world’s most talented actors. Everyone wants to be them, or be with them.

Let’s see how twisted Hollywood can really get…

Tales from Wytch Haven

Think X-Files meets Hammer Horror.


Two amateur detectives broadcast a public access radio show from the back of a garage. Their mission: uncover all of the mysteries of their sleepy little town and expose them for what they are; a dark conspiracy, a supernatural threat from the great beyond, or just a big misunderstanding.

Tales from the Fireside

A mysterious book from Wytch Haven’s Library.


A collection of short stories to warm your bones on the cold, dark nights that winter brings.

Tales from the Fireside has turned up once or twice in Tales from Wytch Haven.

It is said that the book will re-arrange it’s stories to suit the reader. But upon reading you will be haunted by the spectres that reside within it’s pages.

Out Now!

Our book all about video marketing is available now on kindle and on paperback from Amazon.

When absorbing information online, generally people do not want to read blocks of text anymore. They want information to be delivered to them much quicker and in a much more engaging way. So we wrote a book about it… ironic, huh? 

When using video for your business, it is not as simple as shooting a piece to camera and putting it on your website. You’ve got to consider what types of video would suit your business, how to speak to your target audience, and what platforms would work best for you. Not to mention a whole host of other uncertainties. We have made it our aim to answer these questions and shed some light on how to harness the power of video marketing.

In short… this book is designed to equip you with the right information, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your own strategies and get the results you want from video marketing.

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