Rodeax was made to tell stories. It all began in 2015, in a garage somewhere in Oxfordshire. In the years that followed, we have produced a number of award-winning short films, published three books, launched two podcasts, and finally created our debut feature film.

In doing so we have amassed an incredibly talented crew and a selection of wonderful actors. Thus, Rodeax grew from just the two of us, into a much larger team.

Rodeo & Dan might be a bit (a lot) sweary, and sometimes if you phone them they might actually still be wearing pyjamas while talking to you, but they’re infinitely passionate about the things they create.

In short, Rodeax is grown from our passion for telling stories, and our unshakable belief that through the art of storytelling and the medium of film, we can build a richer and more vibrant world.

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Rodeax Showreel 2019

The Great Charade

Our Award-Winning Debut Feature Film!


LA can be a place of dreams and nightmares. It’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.

Everyone knows Ryan Sterling and Amara Giovanni. The world’s most talented actors. Everyone wants to be them, or be with them. Far from the lights of Hollywood, they awake bound and bruised. With no inkling of where they are, they are at the mercy of those who adore them the most… their fans.



“A touch of class and a bunch of crazy? You bettcha – and I loved it.”

– IndyRed

Tales from Wytch Haven

Think X-Files meets Hammer Horror.


Two amateur detectives broadcast a public access radio show from the back of a garage. Their mission: uncover all of the mysteries of their sleepy little town and expose them for what they are; a dark conspiracy, a supernatural threat from the great beyond, or just a big misunderstanding.

Tales from the Fireside

A mysterious book from Wytch Haven’s Library.


A collection of short stories to warm your bones on the cold, dark nights that winter brings.

Tales from the Fireside has turned up once or twice in Tales from Wytch Haven.

It is said that the book will re-arrange it’s stories to suit the reader. But upon reading you will be haunted by the spectres that reside within it’s pages.

Out Now!

Welcome to Tales from the Fireside, a collection of grim tales to light your way through the long dark of winter. These stories encompass all aspects of horror, from ghouls and ghosts to things that go bump in the night, and even things that your wildest nightmares have yet to perceive…

Monsters come in many guises; from the beast beneath the bed to the stranger that follows you through the dark of night. We all respond differently when faced with terror. We fight, we flight, we beg and we bargain. Many of these stories have roots within folklore or legend, and we suspect that even today in a world wrought with numbing technology, set to attenuate our once sharpened minds; we are still plagued by the same demons that marauded through our nightmares centuries ago.

One of our favourite things to do is to curl up under a blanket, with a hot chocolate, in front of a roaring fire and read well into the night. That is exactly what these stories were designed for; they’re written with that cosy feeling in mind.

So light the fire, dim the lights, and let your imagination steal away into the shadows…

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