– Film and Audio Production –

Rodeax is a Film and Audio production company dedicated to compelling storytelling.

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– Feature Film –

A RODEAX Production, Now Streaming on AMAZON

The Great Charade is our award-winning debut feature film; a psychological thriller in which the world’s two most famous actors are kidnapped. Far from the lights of Hollywood, they awake bound and bruised. With no inkling of where they are, they are at the mercy of those who adore them the most… their fans.



– UK Film Review



“A touch of class and a bunch of crazy? You bettcha – and I loved it.”

– IndyRed

– Our Work –

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working on some great projects with some fantastic people.

From music to podcasts; short films to adverts; here is a selection of our work.

– What they say about us –

“Working with the entire Rodeax team is a truly joyful experience and that’s not only because their minds work in a fantastically creative and unique way. Rodeax is professional to the core, deeply involved with the entire production process, and thoroughly respect everyone on set. I would not think twice to work with them again, and look forward to seeing what their future holds.”
– Candice Palladino
“They really had the ability to understand what we wanted to communicate and created trailers that beautifully capture the essence of our show. The filming and sound quality is excellent and their whole approach is professional and supportive.”
– Yasmin Sidhwa, Mandala Theatre Company
“Professional, attentive with great quality shoots and synching, can highly recommend Rodeax for music videos”
– Helen Meissner, Folkstock Records

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Email: create@rodeax.com