Rosanna & Daniel Strange

Rodeax represents all of our creative work as a partnership.

Initially, in 2015 we joined forces to produce adverts and videos for businesses, but in the end we decided that the bulk of it was simply not to our tastes. We wanted to do things that we found both fulfilling and inspiring. We promptly dropped everything.

Since then we have prolifically strived to tell extraordinary, compelling stories through the written word, narrative podcasts and the medium of film. We find it to be a lot more invigorating and have several notebooks filled with outlandish ideas to prove it. 

Below is a selection of our projects…

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Feature Film

The Great Charade is our award-winning debut feature film; a psychological thriller in which the world’s two most famous actors are kidnapped. Far from the lights of Hollywood, they awake bound and bruised. With no inkling of where they are, they are at the mercy of those who adore them the most… their fans.



– UK Film Review



“A touch of class and a bunch of crazy? You bettcha – and I loved it.”

– IndyRed

Tales From The Fireside

Narrative Podcast

Welcome to Tales from the Fireside, a collection of short stories to light your way through the dim recesses of winter.

Terror comes in many guises, from the beast beneath the bed to the stranger that follows you through the dark of night. In these stories we have sought to capture terror in whatever form it may present, so stoke the fire, dim the lights, and let your imagination steal away into the shadows…

Tales From Wytch Haven

Narrative Podcast

Tales From Wytch Haven is a narrative podcast set in a sleepy little town where magyc is the norm and conspiracy is commonplace. Taking the form of a public access radio show, it is presented by two of the town’s residents, Jackson Thawn and Imelda Blackwood.

Jackson is the town’s salt of the earth mechanic, where Imelda is a crime novelist and something of a pariah. Together they broadcast from the back room from of JT Auto Repairs and moonlight as amateur detectives, unearthing all manner of mysteries, from the supernatural to the absurd.

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