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RODEAX is dedicated to providing you with high class services and a cinematic end product. No matter what your needs or wishes are, nothing is out of reach. We have both a dedicated film department and a dedicated audio department. Thus we are able to produce your videos to a cinematic grade with professional sound to match.

We aim to make the production process as painless as possible. Our friendly and creative company directors have knowledge and experience as producers, and will work closely with you to put your idea into production.

The RODEAX crew will always be willing to talk with you about your ideas and will help you to make a decision that best suits your needs.

What services can we offer you?

Corperate Videos

& Animation

Whiteboard animation, adverts or talking heads, whatever your business needs to thrive, we’ll get you there.

Music Videos

& Live Sessions

A great way to get your band noticed and to put your personality across.  Get promotion and grow you audience.

Video Review service


We are often asked: “Here’s an old marketing video, does it still work for our company? or I have finished my short film, can you take a look and tell me what you think?” The answer is YES, and the best part is… it’s totally free!

Simply drop us an email.

Film Production

This is a great love and passion of everyone here at RODEAX. We are all avid screenwriters coming up with ideas and putting these into production. These can range from a 5 min short to a feature length film.

Post Production Sound

With a vast experience in film, we couldn’t ignore sound. We do all of the sound for our films. From recording crisp, clear dialogue on-set, to scoring and the final dub. 

Music Production

At RODEAX we have a very experienced audio department that can facilitate your every need. Whether it’s recording, mixing or mastering. We are happy to offer advice and production on any tracks throughout the process too!

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