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Rodeax is dedicated to creativity throughout the production process. Our process begins with listening to your song in great detail to ensure that we completely understand the ideas and emotions behind it. We recognise that a lot of songs can be very personal and meaningful. We will therefore work closely with you, throughout the production profess, to ensure that the final video is true to the song.

RODEAX are happy to help. Not only with the technicalities and logistics, but with the creative side as well.

What can we do for you?

We cover music videos, live sessions and even gigs. We film these with our range of lights, all of which you would find on any conventional film set. This is all available in 4K at no extra charge.

No idea is out of reach…

Take a look at some of the music videos we have done in the past

Maybe take some inspiration for your project.

We forgot to mention…

There’s no need to worry about your music’s soul being lost due to us not caring; we do! At Rodeax we’re all creative individuals.

If nothing takes your fancy, please feel free to have a look at our Youtube Channel. There’s plenty of cool stuff there too!

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