Music Production

Our Studio and Affilliates

The Rodeax studio is currently set up for post-production in music and film, however we do use two incredibly well equipped studios in Oxfordshire.

Music from Rodeax

Having a dedicated audio department means that we can also branch out into music production. We have a lot of experience across various genres in this sector. All of our crew are also passionate musicians and we’re always writing and recording material.

We have a pretty good music taste as well!

Just a taste of some of the things we’ve done.

Here are some of the tracks we’ve produced for clients.

…And here’s some stuff we’ve written and produced, because we wanted to…

These tracks were all created, performed and produced by Rodeax. Whether for a film or as a passion project, we have great fun doing it.

That’s enough about us, let’s talk about you.

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