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What can video do for your business?

Corporate Video and Whiteboard Animation are a vital part in any company’s success. First of all it looks good. People don’t want to scroll through pages of text to find out what you do. They want video to tell them. Video can work to your advantage, it allows you to put across not just the product or service your selling but also the personality of your business.

Video Production Dedicated to you

It’s simple really… Increase your website’s authority. Increase the traffic to your website. Increase your sales. Climb above your competitors. Grow your business. Now with online video being of common use, you need to make your video stand out from the rest and take it to the next level. This is where RODEAX can help.

RODEAX uses cinematic lighting, editing and grading techniques along with high end professional equipment. But that’s not all… We have a dedicated audio department. Audio is often an afterthought or completely overlooked, but not to us. We believe audio makes up 50% of the final product. Oh… and we forgot to mention, all this can be coupled with a beautiful 4K image.

Take a look at the video to the right to give you some idea of the type of things we can do.

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