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We are always willing to help, work with new people and help you develop your ideas into something incredible. We don’t bother with those forms you often find on websites so here are our email addresses, just to make it that little bit easier to contact us directly.

To all you writers and directors out there…

We know how difficult it can be to get a script read or even get an idea heard, so we are more than happy to receive unsolicited material. We will not plagiarise any material sent to us, but we will offer feedback or any advice you request. It’s rare that we would put any unsolicited scripts into production, due to being so busy… but you never know!

These are the contacts you will need

Dan and Rodeo are the project managers for RODEAX.


Daniel Lee

Director of the audio department

Working in audio, I don’t have my phone switched on a lot of the time so the best way to contact me is via email:


Rodeo Whiter

Director of the film department

Again, while working on film sets my phone is often switched off, please feel free to send me an email:

We also have e-documents and literature with a bit more information, if you require one of those feel free to drop us an email.

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*We try to answer all emails as soon as possible, usually we can answer within 24 hours but now and then that might not be possible, due to some of the more abstract locations we find ourselves on.